How Notes And Summaries Improve Sales Over Time

Regardless of theindustry you’re in, work optimization is a crucial, multidimensional, and continuous process. It can take many forms and involve different aspects of your business operations. As far as sales optimization goes, its goal is to improve the efficiency of the sales team and thus increase the revenue. In this post, I’d like to uncover a bit of a hidden gem. Stay with me as I explain how notes and summaries are the secret sales booster.

These days, insights stemming from raw data serve as the basis for introducing improvements.Importantly, the data can be obtained from various sources. It’s not just about online channels though, especially when it comes to sales teams.

Their operations involveplenty of human interaction which can’t be easily quantified. Still, this doesn’t mean an effort shouldn’t be made to extract some information out ofsales calls.

Improving sales resultscan start with as little as taking notes after having a chat with a lead. The sooner a rep does this and the more details are included, the more reliable the data is. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the process of reporting and analyzing sales-related information.

Why is reporting so important?

Dear Reps!

Your notes and reportsare essential to optimizing the sales process.

I know you sometime maylose sight of why this is important, but rest assured it is. Reporting isn’t done just for the sake of it. The goal is not to simply file a report. It’s about providing information necessary to make changes.

The data you collect and forward to managers has to be reliable, so strike while the iron’s hot. Notes taken right after a call is finished will be the most accurate. Also, they will help you improve the relation with the manager long-term.

What do you do withsales reports?

Honorable Managers!

You need to be capableof turning the reports you receive into actionable insights.

Notes and reports provided by salespeople will help you pinpoint problems and notice opportunities. You may also use them to provide better feedback to team members.

Make an effort to help your reps understand that notes will improve their reporting and thus positively impact the entire process. Taking notes and turning them into reports is an underrated way to improve sales over time.

Remember, careful analysis of the data is what creates results. Everyone has access to some hard numbersnowadays. It’s what you do with them that matters.

Luckily, there’s anarray of apps available these days, that will make the process easier and moreefficient for everyone involved.

Supercharge your salesreports!

Here’s a short list of applications you may want to check out, that will facilitate the operations of your sales department.

Insight Squared

The solution allows youto turn the collected sales data into aesthetically pleasing reports andhigh-quality result tables.

Mo Data

A reporting platformwhich automates the creation of clear charts, supports decision making, andanalyzes processes, providing optimization suggestions.


A platform for planning the work of a sales department based on the input data you provide.


An app you can use torecord calls and create transcriptions of them, which makes it easier toextract crucial information in comparison to hand-written notes. More alternatives can be seen in this article from SoftwareHow.


A tool providing insights into what happens with the offer emails after you send them, as wellas a slew of email campaign optimization solutions.


An intelligent sales assistant including features like voice recognition, reminders, reports,third-party integrations, and more.

Final word

Traditional pen and paper note-taking isn’t that efficient at all. The process is rathertime-consuming, the analysis is difficult, it can get messy, there are no automated reminders, and no one besides the author has access to the notes.

A solution like Edward fixes all of those issues with its voice notes feature. This may prove to be particularly effective if reps are away in the field and not at the office on the daily.

Incorporating apps into your sales process will help you save time and develop objective reports leading to improved performance. 

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