When we started our first company in 2000 we thought that creating internet software solutions would be the future of applications. That was a good decision.

Today we believe that we are in the beginning of the next big change. And this change is connected with artificial intelligence powered with new types
of interfaces.

That's why we've invested our own money in this project called EDWARD.

Our vision

Imagine a world, where artificial intelligence helps you with most of your daily activities. A world, where machines and humans cooperate to provide better products and services.  

The future is coming and we want to be part of it.

Using technology based on deep learning algorithms and new types of interface, we are creating a new category of software.

Investment offer

We are currently looking for both VC's and private business angels interested in investment. If you are interested please feel free to contact us:

EDWARD is an AI powered enterprise assistant used by sales, HR and marketing teams in companies of all sizes.

We are waiting for you! Become one of our customers!
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