Why Edward?

Check how to:

  • automate reporting and notes
  • increase the efficiency of field sales
  • have a better control over lead distribution
  • improve the team cooperation
  • increase your CRM adoption
Why is it worth trying?

So why Edward?

See how it can help your sales reps

Automation of reporting and notes

Edward's algorithms allow the user to record any content only using your voice. So what to write long notes on a bulky smartphone keyboard, if you can dictate a summary of conversations or meetings that will turn into text and reach your CRM database?

Daily reports on the day ended and a preview of upcoming events allow you to keep an eye on all target-oriented sales reps.

Increased work efficiency in the field

The assistant works "in the background" in the most important work tool - a sales rep's phone, allowing him to work the same way from anywhere. Natural communication is a conversation, which is why our assistant, talking to a trader, is operated intuitively.

A busy sales repforgets to send an offer? The sales rep puts off contact with the customer for the next day? The meeting does not take place? Edward remembers the tasks and reminds them of them. In the right place and time.

Reminders triggered by Edward let you remember your declarations or decisions. You will not forget to call the customer, send him an e-mail or prepare for the meeting.

Better control over lead distribution

Edward supports processes related to the distribution of leads within the sales team. All we have to do is define how they should be handled, and the assistant will ensure that they will immediately be displayed on the sales rep's phone screen.

Leading the customer through the sales process, there is always another step. Even if the client declares that he has to check something, talk to someone, gain approval from the board and that he will speak to us, then ... he probably will not (unless he has his Edward). That's why the assistant places such emphasis that after each contact, decide on the date of the next conversation.

Better cooperation in teams

uman memory is unreliable - luckily Edward is not human. He will not forget. All you have to do is tell him about the planned task or tell you when you want to renew your contact with the client ... and you have, as in a bank, that the assistant will make sure everything is done.

In addition, you can delegate selected tasks to other team members. Edward will see to it that they are implemented and will also report to you!

Better adoption of current CRM

Edward's assistant releases the time of salesmen devoted to manually entering and checking data about customer relationships in the CRM system.

Edward will make sure that your CRM database is up to date. On an ongoing basis, it will contain all information about your activities: phone calls, meetings, e-mails, but also transcriptions of voice memos or planned tasks.

Check more information about the integrations here.

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