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ChatGPT Enhanced with Enterprise-Grade Compliance

  • trained with your data for a tailored experience
  • enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • seamless integration across multiple platforms
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Your Employees are Using ChatGPT? Enhance Security and Compliance with Edward, the AI-Powered Enterprise Solution You Can Trust.

Secure and Compliant

Our commitment to enterprise compliance ensures your data is protected and secure, meeting the most stringent standards for privacy and security. Safeguard your data and maintain privacy at highest level.

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Multichannel Experience

Stay connected on-the-go with seamless integration across multiple platforms, including mobile app, web, and desktop. Assistance at your fingertips, whenever and wherever your business needs it.

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Multiple Integrations

Edward can access and analyze data from your business systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, order management systems, and inventory management systems, among others.

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"The innovative products and services they develop can improve our efficiency and allow us to develop new products and services. When deciding on cooperation, we always confirm the value of the solution for our clients."

MaLgorzata Jarczyk-Zuber - CIO ING Bank

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