AI sales assistant

"Super powers" for your sales reps!

  • works as your personal, mobile AI assistant
  • automatically pops up after calls and meetings
  • works based on natural conversation
  • allows full voice control
AI powered sales assistant - Check how it works

So how does AI sales asssistant works?

See how Edward can help your sales reps

Step 1 - installation and first steps

Edward is an application on the phone, which frees sales rep's time devoted to manual data entry, listing and checking data about customer relations.

Edward assists in active contact with the client, supporting the better organization of work with the toolkit. Adding contacts from business cards, creating tasks and reminders after a conversation or entering notes has never been this quick and easy!

A friendly dashboard is available for the manager, in which he can manage his team, monitor activities and analyze which behaviors affect the sales results.

Check the basic assistant functions

Step 2 - actions configuration

The application works on the basis of scenarios, which can be easily adapted to each style of work. So if your process requires specific behaviors in which Edward could help you, we can configure it.

Thanks to the scenario editor, we can easily change existing and add new scenarios. In this way Edward can automate the most typical and repeatable processes in your sales department!

Check the personalization options

Step 3 - automatic reporting

Edward makes sure that you always have access to current data. Also, when it comes to a collective summary of the activity that each user takes.

Daily reports on the day ended and a preview of upcoming events allow you to keep an eye on all target-oriented traders.

Thanks to the possible integrations, Edward can provide existing systems with data, as well as retrieve useful information from them.

Check the reporting modules
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