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Edward provides detailed conversation analytics that allow monitoring and analyzing interactions with the assistant. This allows us to obtain valuable information about user behavior and strive for continuous development and optimization of the assistant. Below are a few key aspects of conversation analytics that distinguish Edward from other assistants:

Understanding user needs

Conversation analytics allow identifying frequently asked questions, problems, and user needs. This allows us to adjust business strategies and assistant content to meet user expectations. Analyzing data obtained from conversations with Edward allows understanding what is truly important to your organization.

Optimizing assistant knowledge

By monitoring interactions with Edward, we can identify areas that require improvement or expansion of the assistant's knowledge. This allows Edward to be systematically updated and improved to always provide answers to the most current questions and problems.

Measuring user satisfaction

Edward also allows analyzing user satisfaction with assistant support. We can collect ratings and feedback on the quality of support, which allows ongoing monitoring and reacting to any shortcomings. This enables us to maintain high customer service quality and increase user satisfaction with using Edward.

Detecting trends and patterns

Conversation analytics also allows detecting trends and patterns in user behavior. We can identify which topics are most important to them, which problems are most frequently reported, or which assistant features are most popular.

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