Personal assistant

Designed with corporate needs in mind.

Edward, our innovative ChatGPT-based assistant, has been designed to meet corporate needs. The key feature that sets Edward apart from other assistants is advanced personalization, which allows it to be tailored to the unique requirements of your company.

Specialized terminology and corporate language

Edward can be trained in specialized terminology and corporate language to better support employees and customers in their daily tasks. We can configure the assistant to understand the unique processes and structures of your organization, enabling more efficient and precise communication.

Integration with internal systems

Edward can be integrated with existing internal systems, such as CRM, ERP, or project management tools. This allows the assistant to automatically process information, respond to customer data queries, check project statuses, and report new tasks.

Adaptation to different roles and departments

Edward can also be tailored to different roles and departments within the organization. Whether it's customer service, sales, HR, or IT, the assistant can be specially adapted to support individual departments in achieving their goals.

Customization for different languages and cultures

With international corporations in mind, Edward can be adapted to handle different languages and adjust its responses to the cultural specifications of each country.

Personalization of the user interface

Edward's user interface can also be customized to your company's preferences. We can change colors, fonts, logos, and other elements to ensure that the assistant fully fits your brand image. We can also change the assistant's name if you don't like Edward :)

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EDWARD is an AI powered enterprise assistant used by sales, HR and marketing teams in companies of all sizes.

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