Reports and moderation

Edward makes sure that you always have access to current data.

Edward, as an advanced ChatGPT-based assistant, also offers reporting and moderation features that allow monitoring, controlling, and optimizing interactions with users.

Report generation

Edward allows generating detailed reports from data obtained during conversations with users. These reports contain information about the number of conversations, interaction length, frequently asked questions, customer satisfaction level, and much more. With this data, we can analyze results, track progress, and achieve goals, which contributes to a better understanding of user needs and optimization of business strategies.

Moderation and quality control

The moderation feature protects against unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting sensitive data. Additionally, Edward can conduct quality controls of conversations, analyzing interactions with users and identifying any issues. This allows us to quickly detect and resolve problems, maintaining high customer service quality, and increasing user satisfaction. In case of detecting inappropriate content or behavior, Edward can automatically block the conversation or notify the appropriate person in the company who will handle the issue.

Personalization of moderation settings

Moderation options can be customized to specific needs and requirements of your company. We can set different levels of control, such as filtering vulgar language, blocking content, or monitoring sensitive information. This allows Edward to operate in accordance with your organization's policy and provide a safe environment for all users.

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