Speech recognition

Intelligent notes and natural conversation.

Edward, as an advanced ChatGPT-based assistant, is equipped with a speech recognition feature that allows users to interact with the assistant using their voice. This means that users can have conversations with Edward by asking questions and receiving answers through voice commands. This intuitive way of communication makes using the assistant even more convenient and efficient for your employees.

Natural flow of conversation

Edward is designed to carry conversations in a natural and seamless way. With advanced machine learning algorithms, Edward can understand the context of speech, recognize various accents and dialects, and adapt to the user's individual speaking style.

Support for multiple languages

Edward's speech recognition feature supports multiple languages. With international corporations in mind, Edward can carry conversations in many languages, making communication and international collaboration easier.

Assistant always at hand

Edward's mobile application allows users to access the assistant anywhere and anytime. Whether you're in the office or on a business trip, Edward is always ready to help and answer your questions through simple voice commands.

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