Security and Compliance

The platform of the intelligent assistant is equipped with a range of mechanisms related to data security.

Data transmission security

We use communication secured with the HTTPS protocol with additional authentication using an individual client certificate. An additional security measure for requests to download sensitive data is the TOTP (Time-based One-time Password Algorithm, RFC 6238) token. Messages transmitted via individual channels contain only the minimum set of data necessary to transmit the data. Wherever possible, processing is performed offline, without the need to transmit data to the server.

Security of machine learning models

Models trained on user data do not store data on which they were trained. A model is a form of program, not a dataset, so regulations regarding personal data processing do not apply here.

Compliance with GDPR

Access to data established through the use of the Edward application and optional integration of the application with the client's CRM system is limited by a relevant personal data processing agreement only for the purposes of processing necessary to provide the service. Only persons currently authorized and recorded in the register of persons authorized to process personal data have access to the company's IT systems that administer the Edward application. Access requires authentication and is identified. Company employees recorded in the register have signed individual confidentiality agreements with the company for access to personal data and all information acquired during cooperation.

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